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Issue #1 of The Pre-Code Companion is Here!

September 1, 2015

A few months back my friend Danny, who runs the wonderful, asked if I would be interested in contributing to the new bi-monthly journal he was putting together called The Pre-Code Companion


I first met Danny in person at TCMFF 2015 where we discussed our love of pre-Codes (duh) andThe Thin Man series. Danny even edited a book on The Thin Man films last year! If I had known him earlier, I would have definitely wormed my way into writing something for that. Sigh.


Anyway, our conversation at TCMFF eventually turned to my undergrad thesis on Baby Face. Months later when Danny wanted to include the film in the first issue of The Pre-Code Companion, he reached out to me, and I humbly agreed to contribute. The rest is history!

Very cool cover design by Danny Reid!

Issue #1 includes five other articles from a handful of fantastic bloggers on three pre-Code films and actresses, including:


Barbara Stanwyck - Clint Worthington 

Waterloo Bridge - Jake Woehlke

Mae Clarke - Karen Burroughs Hannsberry

Red-Headed Woman - Cliff Aliperti

Jean Harlow - Leticia Magalhães


Pick up your copy today on for $2.99 (all proceeds are going to ASPCA).


Stay tuned for future issues of The Pre-Code Companion as well. Danny has the next few installments listed on his site here.


And now I'll be returning to my research on Midnight Mary for Issue #4...



***Please note that I posted an excerpt of my thesis on Baby Face on this blog a few months ago, but the version included in The Pre-Code Companion is re-edited, re-arranged, condensed, and even re-written a bit.

thanks for stopping by!

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