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There are many old movies not widely known outside the classic film realm that I feel should have a wider audience. Some of these pictures have no headline-grabbing stars and may be so bad in parts that they plainly mesmerize me. Others are guilty pleasures, pure and simple. Regardless, there is something special about each of them that has me hooked. Many of these flicks are readily available on DVD and played occasionally on TV. In sharing these films with the real people and/or robots on the web, I hope to pass on the love so others can discover their appeal and become as obsessed with them as I am.


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on the big screen


Some of these films haven't been shown on the big screen since the decade they were released. Others screen regularly. Either way, watching these movies decades later in the way they were originally intended, in a dark theater with strangers, brings a sense of community, nostalgia, and potential new perspectives. Also, there can be a high rate of unintentional laughter.


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and now for a special presentation


From lectures by Oscar winners and Q&As with Hollywood legends to rare screenings of films that happen to be over 100 years old, I've had the opportunity to see some memorable special presentations in LA. Below are some highlights.


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what the... wednesdays


Obviously, both culture and filmmaking have come a long way since the Golden Age of Hollywood. Sometimes a movie, specific scene, or even an actor stands out vividly to me, most likely due, either socially, culturally or technically, to the period in which the film or actor comes from. Good, bad, shocking, or downright crazy, I found myself saying—in my head or out loud—what the what?!? to these flicks.


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I See a Dark Theater is a website dedicated to classic movie-going—and loving—in the City of Angels. Whether it's coverage on screenings, special presentations, or Q&As around Los Angeles that you're looking for, or commentary on the wonderful and sometimes wacky world of classic cinema, you've come to the right place for a variety of pieces written with zeal, awe, and (occasionally) wit. Enjoy.

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