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kim luperi


Moving from the state in which the first American film studio was built (New Jersey) to the movie capital of the US (Los Angeles) did wonders for my classic film passion. Fully immersed in the culture and history of the movie industry, Los Angeles offers a vast array of theatrical options, and I've made it a point to attend as many screenings, presentations, and festivals relating to classic cinema as I can.



When I'm not at my day job in the entertainment development world or watching movies, I can generally be found traveling, researching for future travel, doing gymnastics, watching gymnastics on YouTube, trying to be a good person/volunteering, keeping busy, and napping.



mike hulyk


A big thank you goes out to Mike Hulyk, who created the banner artwork and led the charge on the web design.

thanks for stopping by!

I See a Dark Theater is a website dedicated to classic movie-going—and loving—in the City of Angels. Whether it's coverage on screenings, special presentations, or Q&As around Los Angeles that you're looking for, or commentary on the wonderful and sometimes wacky world of classic cinema, you've come to the right place for a variety of pieces written with zeal, awe, and (occasionally) wit. Enjoy.

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