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Cineconline 2021 Preview

August 25, 2021

Cinecon is once again going virtual! Though I miss marathoning – or attempting to marathon – the fest in a theater, the decision makes sense given the current situation, both health-wise and location-wise, as Cinecon’s home, the Egyptian Theatre, is currently closed for remodeling. Streaming the event online also gives fans from around the globe the opportunity to tune in for a taste of the rarities Cinecon has to offer, which is fantastic.


Cinecon screens over four days, September 3 through September 6. The festivities start at 3pm PT on Friday and 12pm PT Saturday through Monday, running between four to six hours a day, which suits me just fine. (Especially since the programs don’t end at 12am every night here on the west coast, like the regular fest does!)


As per usual, I recognize an abysmally low number of films on the schedule – this year it’s a whopping three, including one I’ve seen at a previous Cinecon and one I missed at another festival.  That said, I’m very much looking forward to discovering all these new-to-me movies and rarities. So, without further ado, below I present my Cinecon 2021 preview! All times PT for anyone following along.




Colleen Moore Silent Film Trailers

Well, this is problematic, because I want to see everything on Friday. Especially anything featuring Colleen Moore. So, I’ll just have to start work at like 6am. These are the sacrifices I make for classic movies.


Dynamite Dan (1924)

Definitely never seen Boris Karloff this early before, which is a major selling point (even if it is about boxing, a subject that doesn’t interest me), as is hearing his daughter Sara introduce the film. It’s always a treat hearing from her!


Rendezvous with Annie (1946)

This WWII-era pregnancy comedy starring Eddie Albert and Gail Patrick sounds zany and not unlike The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek (1944). Which is a yes, yes, yes from me.

Ella Cinders-min.jpeg

Ella Cinders (1926)

Colleen Moore: Need I say more? (But really, this film is in the public domain; how have I not seen it already?!) Also, Moore’s niece will be on hand to introduce the film AND Cinecon is presenting bonus footage from some of the star’s other films, including Flaming Youth (1923). All the Colleen Moore, please!



Ice Cold Cocos (1926)

I believe I first discovered the comedy team of Billy Bevan and Andy Clyde at Cinecon a few years ago, and I am always down for their antics, which in this case apparently involves hauling an ice box up the famous Music Box steps.

Kinecon at Cinecon-min.jpeg

Kinecon at Cinecon

Year after year, Cinecon provides fans the opportunity to watch rare, early TV footage, and the lineup this year does not appear to disappoint with names like The Ritz Brothers, Jack Benny, and Ginger Rogers. Plus, they'll be including a 20-year restoration project, bringing a 1955 Kinescope of a Milton Berle and Sammy Davis Jr. TV appearance back to life! These are the treats you can ONLY see at Cinecon.


The Misfit (1924)

“Clyde Cook plays a timid husband who is so henpecked by his wife that he will do just about anything to get away from her including joining the Marines,” per Cinecon’s website. I need to see what this looks like in 1924.


Buster’s Mix-Up (1926)

I’ve never heard of Buster Brown's two-reel comedy series, but this poster tells me I’m in for an adorable 18 minutes. LOOK AT THAT PUP! AND HE SAVES THE DAY!


The Conquest of Canaan (1921)

A rare silent picture about political corruption based on a book by Booth Tarkington, who wrote The Magnificent Ambersons (1942). Color me intrigued!




A Close Shave (1929)

This is Mack Sennett’s last silent short AND Cinecon is screening all that’s known to exist of the film today. So that warrants a watch.

Sleepy Time Gal-min.jpg

Sleepy Time Gal (1942)

Screwball antics, gangsters, cake decorations – this musical seems like a grand old time, and as a bonus, star Judy Canova’s daughter Juli will be on hand to introduce the proceedings.


Helen’s Babies (1924)

I remember seeing the world premiere restoration of this picture on opening night at Cinecon 2018 with a packed audience and live accompaniment from the Famous Players Orchestra – that was something! Plus, you can’t go wrong with the adorable antics of Baby Peggy, appearing here alongside Edward Everett Horton and Clara Bow. Suffice it to say, I’m excited to catch this one again.




Jane Withers Tribute

I had the opportunity to hear Jane Withers speak at a past TCM film fest, and she was an absolute riot. I can’t wait to hear the stories shared as a tribute to this talented lady.

Swing Fever-min.jpeg

Swing Fever (1943)

OK, this may be a record: I’m planning to watch TWO musicals at Cinecon. Swing Fever centers around a musician who hypnotizes people and features Kay Kyser, Lena Horne, Nat Pendleton, Marilyn Maxwell, and William Gargan, and I am very intrigued by all of that.


Love at First Flight (1928)

A cat that flies an airplane? Say no more. (But also: The Mack Sennett Bathing Beauties and 2-color Technicolor sequences.)


King of the Kongo (1929)

A jungle + a giant gorilla: This sounds suspiciously like one of last year’s titles, Lorraine of the Lions (1925). Well, really just those two parts, but those elements plus missing people, lost treasure, smugglers, and Boris Karloff seems like quite the adventure! I wonder what Boris’ daughter Sara will have to say about this one…

Penrod and Sam-min.jpg

Penrod and Sam (1923)

I actually missed this comedy about a boys club (+ a dog) when it streamed at last year’s Pordenone Silent Film Festival, so I’m happy to have the chance to close out Cinecon with it.


Are you planning to catch Cinecon online this year? If so, let me know what you’re looking forward to in the comments!

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